While going on a cruise can be a great way to go on an inexpensive vacation, if you are not careful, your shore excursions can easily eat up your budget. Here are some tips to help you save money on shore excursions while still having a great time exploring ports of call.

Regardless of the time of the year that you travel, it is not uncommon for cruisers to pick up a host of illnesses while out at sea. You do not want an illness to get in the way of your magical time out on the open water. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself from all of the germs and bacteria that call cruise ships home. Here are five ways that you can stay healthy on your cruise adventure.

Carnival advertises super cheap cruises from Long Beach - many less than $50 per person, per day. How much will that cheap cruise actually cost once you add everything up? 

All of the major cruise lines offer art auctions and other opportunities to explore art and maybe buy something. While initially, this might seem intimidating to some people, these art auctions are actually a lot of fun ... and no you don't even have to buy anything!

Sea Days can be the most fun days on a cruise. While new cruisers typically look at cruises as a floating hotel taking you from one place to the next, one of the most fun and unique parts of the experience is known as a sea day. Here's why this can be one of the most fun parts of your total cruise experience!