Sunglasses and eye protection might seem like something more important on warm-water cruises in the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera but it is essential to protect your eyes on Alaska cruises too. Despite the fact that the weather may be cloudy and sometimes raining, having a great pair of glasses like these Wiley X Boss ones actually does more than simply "protect" you eyes - it actually makes seeing those important things like bears, whales, and eagles easier since they cut through the glare, keep your eyes warm, and can even help them focus faster and adjust to different light conditions since the shielding reduces penetration by cold dry air that can make vision blurry.

Alaska stands alone among US states as a picturesque gateway to arctic glaciers, diverse wildlife and stunning national parks. Its heady mix of serene natural beauty and exciting adventure opportunities make it a bucket-list choice for many cruise-goers worldwide.

If you are looking for a fantastic shoe for your next cruise then the Florsheim Lakeside should be on your list. We tested it out on a recent voyage with Princess Cruises to the Mexican Riviera and found it was the perfect shoe to navigate Mexican streets and slick surfaces around the pool, while still looking good enough to wear to dinner at night. It is also easy to slip on and off so that means you can take it off easily when returning to your room as well.