It's been a weird past 14 months for cruise fans. When we started this site in January last year it was our hope to be able to spread joy and share fun cruise ideas for those of you who love cruising from the West Coast of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Well, flash forward a year and here we are at our first cruise event in more than a year. It was a weird experience being in San Diego's B Street Cruise Terminal without any luggage and no lines to get through security. However, it was an exciting time too, since it means that cruising from California is one GIANT step closer to becoming a reality as 118 crew from Holland America Line's Koningsdam came ashore for the first time in months and recieved their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Many people enjoy exploring open water and desire the freedom to live their life on the sea. For these reasons, individuals are drawn to being a cruise ship captain. In order to have this job, it requires a lot of work and training. Cruise ship captains seem to have a glamorous job and this is another reason why people aspire to have this vocation. However, the reality of being a cruise ship captain is far less glamorous and involves a lot more work.