You know we love Alaska and I know you folks do as well so I'm very excited to participate in this contest and encourage to as well. Alaska is one of those destinations that goes beyond simply a "cruise" vacation and is both a spiritual experience to see natural wonders that are still pure, giant animals, and an incredible hospitality from both the indigineous people as well as the hearty folks that made the journey north and now call Alaska their home. If you share this passion as I do then you have until March 15 to let Holland America Line know and if they like it then you could find yourself on one of their Alaska cruises this summer!

What is a repositioning cruise? This is a question that we are often asked by guests. A repositioning cruise is one where the ship moves from one part of the world to another. For example, a ship might start in Europe and move to Asia for the summer before moving back to Europe for the winter. These cruises usually last longer than traditional cruises, and they offer guests a unique way to see different parts of the world!

Vacations in general are often an opportunity for romance and cruises are no different in that regard - except that there's a natural sense of adventure, trying something new, and for many people even an erotic fantasy of doing something kinky on a boat while being rocked by the waves. While litterally thousands of adults enjoy the "motion of the ocean" on a daily basis while cruising, many more also like to use this time to either enjoy a particular kink or celebrate that spirit of "trying something new" on a cruise as well. For some folks that means booking a lifestyle cruise - swingers cruises, nude cruises, gay cruises are all very popular - other folks are simply looking to bring some fun toys along with them to use privately with their partner.

We're almost at the starting point for the 2022 Alaska cruise season and it's looking great but Holland America Line is charting a course to Alaska in 2023 too and they've just released their plans. The 2023 Holland America Line Alaska cruise season will feature expertly crafted journeys on six ships that offer preferred access to the top destinations, exclusive overland transportation, culturally focused onboard experiences and more visits to Glacier Bay than any other major cruise line!

We are so excited to hear word of another west coast cruise line anouncing restart plans and this one in particular is special since it is Mexico's first luxury cruise line. Vidanta Cruises announced today that it has officially opened its reservation system with an exclusive preview cruise from Puerto Vallarta. This inaugural itinerary on Vidanta Elegant features a three-day, two-night voyage from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlán and back, starting on April 14.