Despite Hawaii being one of the top west coast cruise destinations for decades, many folks we talk with still don't realize that you can take a cruise to Hawaii. Even fewer understand just how amazing of a way it is to explore the culture, food, history, and natural beauty offered by this magical destination. Let's take a look at some of the ways that you can explore Hawaii on a cruise.

One of the biggest challenges with Hawaiian cruises is that unlike other itineraries such as going to Alaska, California Coastal, or Mexican Riviera - there are no international ports anywhere close to Hawaii. As a result, cruise options are relatively limited compared to others. It also means that these cruises are generally more expensive, smaller ships, or longer than your typical cruise.

Have you ever looked at a cruise ship pool and wondered why it is so small for a ship capable of carrying 3,000 or more people? Compare it to what you might find at a Las Vegas resort or event a hotel in San Francisco and it seems even more odd that the designers would make it so small. Regardless of size though, cruise ship pools tend to be one of the most attention drawing aspects of cruise ship design and we're starting to see some interesting development that make the pools more functional, more fun, and fancier ... even if they aren't getting any bigger. Let's take a look at why it is that way, and no ... it's not simply because cruise ship designers don't like swimming!

Let's take a look at cruise ship butlers and look at how the offerings on various cruise lines differs from one to another. Just like every other aspect of cruising, the butler service from one line to the next can be completely different. While west coast cruises have fewer options than what you might find in the Caribbean for instance, the good news is that in recent years we've gotten some of the newest and most luxurious ships at sea visiting our waters. Let's take a look at cruise butlers and if selecting a suite with butler service for your next cruise might be the perfect choice.

It's been a weird past 14 months for cruise fans. When we started this site in January last year it was our hope to be able to spread joy and share fun cruise ideas for those of you who love cruising from the West Coast of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Well, flash forward a year and here we are at our first cruise event in more than a year. It was a weird experience being in San Diego's B Street Cruise Terminal without any luggage and no lines to get through security. However, it was an exciting time too, since it means that cruising from California is one GIANT step closer to becoming a reality as 118 crew from Holland America Line's Koningsdam came ashore for the first time in months and recieved their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

With the inevitable return to cruising, the major cruise lines have rolled out a series of protocol to make cruising safer and more enjoyable for everyone. In addition to implementing new Covid-19 safety measures, many of the cruise lines have introduced innovative new features that make cruising more convenient overall. If you are planning a Mexican Riviera, Pacific Coastal or Alaskan cruise in the upcoming year, here's how each cruise line is working to keep you safe.