San Diego is my favorite cruise port in California and quite honestly, it is one of the best cruise ports in the world. While the facilities for embarking are smaller than others and boarding will take extra time, the port is right downtown. This means you have plenty of excursion opportunities that you can walk to without needing expensive tours.

Carnival Cruise Line, the world’s largest cruise operator, returned to the Port of San Diego this weekend to launch a winter schedule of three- to 15-day voyages aboard Carnival Miracle, marking the line’s first departure from the port in seven years.

Cruise ship fares are so cheap because most cruise lines look at that as only a way to cover basic costs. Once onboard, there are lots of opportunities to spend money. Some are good deals and others are not. The savvy cruiser knows which is which, so here's our advice on how you can save money on a cruise ship!

Taking a cruise for the first time is a big step into a new world of travel. Cruise vacations are unlike anything else out there and this is a fabulous time for the cruise industry since we're at a tipping point where it is becoming more than a niche. As a result, new players are entering the market and breaking conventional wisdom by trying new ideas going to new ports, and launching new ships with innovative features. Unfortunately, this means that it can be a confusing industry full of truths and contradictions. A veteran cruiser who's been on nearly 30 cruises over the past three decades, I have a lot of cruise knowledge. However, it can be challenging to remember what it was like to cruise for the first time and so I've taken inspiration for this article from questions our travel advisor partner, Flow Voyages has shared with us from her clients ...