Most mass-market cruise ships are designed for the North American market, and specifically the Caribbean, even when the sail in other parts of the world. Over the past few years though we’ve been privileged to sail on two vessels that were custom designed for the Chinese market but then transferred to the West Coast instead. Norwegian Joy was the first and in that conversion, most of the “Chinese features” were eliminated but on Majestic Princess many of them were retained to potentially create a fantastic experience for folks sailing from Los Angeles.

Cruises are a great time to go shopping and bring back souvenirs and mementos of exotic destinations and experiences to share with family and friends ... or even just to bring back fond memories. This is especially true when you take a Mexican Riviera Cruise since each of the cities that you'll visit offers a blend of true hidden gems crafted by artisans as well as cheap - but fun - trinkets and souvenirs to bring back with you.

After two years of hearbreak and disapointment, we're thrilled to see exciting news from cruiselines big and small that are all anticipating a fantastic Alaska cruise season this year. Cunard is the most recent to blow their horn with news updates regarding their 2022 Alaska cruise season onboard the Queen Elizabeth.

For many folks, a cruise to Alaska is a bucket list experience that they will only end up doing once ... or maybe twice in their lives. As a result, it is important that they take the opportunity to plan things well and maximize their investment. An Alaska cruise isn't like a Caribbean cruise where you can just get on the boat and drink fruity drinks as you float around from island to island. It is a much more intense experience that requires the perfect ship, right choice of itinerary, and proper planning or you will miss those million-dollar-moments that you and your family will take abuot for months and years after you get home. Don't worry though, we've come together with our blogger friends to prepare some tips to help!

One of the great things about the "Pandemic Pause" was that cruise lines had time to accelerate the check-in process and reduce the time we spend in lines waiting to board. Ironically, on cruises since the re-start, the longest and most complicated process now is verifying vaccine status but Carnival has now made this even easier by rolling out VeriFLY to all of their home ports.