Let’s just start this discussion by saying we had a fantastic experience sailing on Viking Orion from Vancouver to Los Angeles. However, after being home for a few days and looking back I realized that many of the things I usually enjoy doing and sharing on a cruise were absent from this voyage. This was a very different experience and while many things felt similar to the time we spent on Viking Mani river cruise a few years ago, there were as many things that were completely different too. 

One of the absolute best steaks at sea isn't even found inside of a steakhouse. It is found on Viking Ocean cruises' Italian restarant Manfredi's and it is a perfect combination of ambiance, meat, rub, and preparation ... as well as service of course too. While it might be beyond most people's budget to plan a cruise around a steak, I wouldn't fault any of you who might choose to do that. For the rest of us, don't worry ... here's the recipe so you can make the world famous Viking Cruises Porcini Dry-Rubbed Rib Eye at home.

The world of small ship, ultra-luxury cruises continues to heat up as new brands enter and force older brands to continue competing with innovative designs, destination offerings, and of course service. Silversea has been known as one of the most seamless offerings out there with their door-to-door fares that can bundle everything from private executive transfers to the cruise, including all of your food and beverage, shore excursions, and butler service. With the launch of Silver Nova scheduled for delivery in 2023 they are taking the design to the next level by adding all-new outdoor spaces that include an outward-facing pool deck featuring an asymetrical design. 

This is clearly a BIG LEAP and will not see widespread adoption of "Molten Sodium Reactors" on cruise ships for decades but it is a potentially viable energy source that will allow the cruise - as well as global shipping industry in general - to finally step away from fossil fuels. Instead, we can have safe and reliable electric power generated on board or through the use of replenishment ships like what ULSTEIN is proposing with their latest concept ship.

We have loads of content coming soon from our Pacific Coastal voyage on Viking Orion - one of the Viking Ocean Cruises small ship vessels but this topic is at the top of my mind because it was a missed opportunity that could have resulted in cruise guests getting a bucket-list opportunity instead of the inevitable disapointment caused by a missed port due to rough seas and the complications due to tendering. To be clear, I'm writing this from our perspective on this trip but this is the second time in the past few months that we've been forced to miss Santa Barbara, though just one of many over the years in various parts of the world that has been dropped due to issues related with tendering in general.