Any time that a cruise ship has it's engines on the vessel is emitting enormous amounts of waste into the air. When in motion the emissions are far greater, but even idling for long periods of time generates waste. This is similar to how the engine on your car works, except that cruise ship engines are far far bigger and most cruise ships use a fuel that is far worse for the environment than what you put into your car. Luckily, there's a solution that is becoming more popular among both cruise terminals like San Diego and Seattle as well as destinations like Juneau. Shore power acts like a giant plug that connects to the ship and allows the captain to turn the ship's engines off while in port.

Alaska season is heating up and in fact ... it's already underway with the first ships starting to arive in Vancouver and Seattle! After a crazy past two years it is no surprise that everyone in the industry is focused on delivering maximum capacity to the region and that's ultiamtely going to be great for consumers. With more options across the entire spectrum of pricing, destinations, and guest experiences, this summer will be a banner year for cruising to Alaska. As part of this, Carnival has now anounced reduced rates and additional savings on Alaska cruises on Carnival Miracle, Carnival Spirit, and Carnival Splendor.

While drinking fine wines and visiting wineries to do tastings is a goal for many oenophiles, there's a whole other world out there once you begin actually creating your own wines. While many cruise ships offer art lessons and some even feature cooking classes, a very small number allow you to move from "wine drinker" to "wine maker" ... or blender anyhow. In fact, if you were to visit some of the more presitgeous California wine regions such as Napa, Sonoma, or Paso Robles you would expect to pay hundreds of dollars per person for a similar experience. This might just be one of the few experiences that is actually less expensive on a cruise ship!

One of the greatest fears of any cruiser new or experienced is getting back to the ship after it has already begun to push back from the dock. This could quite litterally be the end of your cruise since depending on the conditions you may be forced to fly home or if you are lucky pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to have someone from the port take you out to the ship on a tender.

Oceania Cruises continues the sustainability leadership that the Norwegian Cruise Holdings group is known for by unveiling a new group of more than 150 shore excursions designed around the concept of conservation, and sustainability. The new Go Green tours are designed to encourage engagement between cruise guests and local people at ports that they visit around the world. From visiting vineyards and learning about the impact of climate change to exploring native artisans creating eco-concious art, this program is something I look forward to seeing more of as we transform cruise tourism from one of simple escapism and into one where we can learn, share, and bring ideas back to our own people to hopefully inspire further cultural, social, and technological imprvmenet at home.