When new cruisers start to plan their cruise ship vacation, there is always one thing that comes up: what are starboard and port? These terms are not just for sailors but are used as reference for the location of almost everything you'll find on the ship from the hallway where your room is located to which bar to meet someone at. Sure, you could always just use left or right but this isn't a land-based vacation, you're on a cruise ship and that means it is time to learn the lingo. Let's break down these two concepts to help you understand them better before your next cruise!

We got a chance to join Holland America Line on MS Zuiderdam as she prepared to welcome guests back after nearly 600 days being paused because of the pandemic. Based on our whirlwind tour and fantastic lunch at their legendarily good Pinnacle Grill, we're sure guests are going to have a fantastic time on their 10-day Sea of Cortez cruise that they departed on yesterday. 

In the past, most folks wanting to sail single were forced to either find a roomate or pay a "Single Supplement" fee often priced as high as a second cruise fare. In more recent ship builds we've thankfully started to see cruise lines offer some great options for solo travelers. We recently got a chance to tour a Single Stateroom on Holland America Line's latest ship, MS Rotterdam and we are very impressed.

Your daughter's Quinceañera is a special event in life. You want to create something your guests will remember. Whether you are looking for an ultimate blow out celebration with the fanciest suites on the newest ships or you are looking for something more budget friendly, there are plenty of options available.

For the past nearly two years we've been speculating about what cruising would be like when it returned. Without a doubt the sheer amount of debt incured by an industry litterally put on pause for this long without guests paying for cruises is going to cause a lot of problems. As we are starting to see however, some ships have resumed operation at a level that is less than perfect. Other brands though, have taken the effort to turn their ships into litteral ambassadors and that's what Holland America Line has done with Koningsdam. We are sailing on Sunday for a seven day coastal California cruise, but today we toured the ship during a special media preview. Here are our thoughts.