San Diego is hands down the finest embarcation port for west coast cruises (with an honorable mention nod to Vancouver). This is the only port city that combines an ambundance of hotels at various price points, a destination you might want to spend a couple days doing a pre or post-cruise stay, and best of all - easy access to the port by train, car, as well as plane. With summer Alaska cruise season windinding down, we're thrilled to have our friends from Disney, Princess, and Holland America Line back in town along with some new friends that will be visiting San Diego this year.

Aside from the Golden Gate Bridge, there is nothing more iconic than the historic San Francisco cable cars. This cable car system dates back to 1869 when the inventer Andew Smith Hallidie came up with the idea as a replacement for the then standard horse-drawn streetcars that were being used in the city. Over the next 150 years this system became both an urban nessecity to move people throughout the city and later one of the most popular tourist attractions in California.

For many folks, a cruise to Alaska is a bucket list experience that they will only end up doing once ... or maybe twice in their lives. As a result, it is important that they take the opportunity to plan things well and maximize their investment. An Alaska cruise isn't like a Caribbean cruise where you can just get on the boat and drink fruity drinks as you float around from island to island. It is a much more intense experience that requires the perfect ship, right choice of itinerary, and proper planning or you will miss those million-dollar-moments that you and your family will take abuot for months and years after you get home. Don't worry though, we've come together with our blogger friends to prepare some tips to help!

One of the most popular cruises to take from Southern California is a 3-5 day Baja Mexico Cruise. These cruises depart from San Diego and Los Angeles and because they are shorter than other itineraries, they are perfect for first-time cruisers and those who don't have a lot of time off from work. They are also perfectly priced and affordable so they are easy to budget for too. Ensenada is often looked at as a secondary port used primarily for ships to use so they can satisfy the requirements stipulating they must visit a foreign port before coming hope. However, we think Ensenada has a lot to offer ... you just need to know what to look for or you might miss out on this wonderful taste of Baja!

For most folks seeking a cruise with awesome opportunities to snorkel, they look at the Caribbean or down under to explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef. While cruises from west coast ports aren't known for being choice opportunities for snorkeling, that really isn't true. Sure, some destinations like California and Alaska are much colder than the Caribbean, they offer some incredibly unique opportunities. Plus, Mexico and Hawaii shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to warm water snorkeling destinations. Let's take a look at eight awesome places to explore if you are looking to go snorkeling on a west coast cruise.