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Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas Mexico On a Cruise Ship Visit

Cabo San Lucas is a great place to visit on a cruise ship

Cabo San Lucas might be Mexico, but it has been a playground for Americans looking to have fun for more than 100 years. Fishing, golf, food, tequila, and eco-tourism await cruise guests here. 

While Cabo San Lucas does not have a cruise pier the bay is well protected so tendering is easy and reliable here, unlike at some other ports such as Catalina Island and Cayman Islands. While most cruise ships spend one day here, some itineraries offer two nights though the ship typically departs and sits just outside Mexican territorial waters so that they can open the casino, duty-free shopping, and avoid taxes on alcohol.

The Mexican Riviera cruise destination of Cabo San Lucas is a popular stop for cruise ships because of the dramatic oceanside landscape and its off the beaten path status. Scenic and adventurous outings are among the most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas, but the exclusive and luxury resorts have spawned a myriad of entertainment options and activities to keep anyone busy.

No matter what type of shore excursions you are looking forward to on your cruise, you can put together an exciting day at port. From land to sea and thrilling to relaxing, these are some of the most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Explore the Famous Lands End

The iconic spot known as Lands End is a must see excursion for anyone visiting Cabo San Lucas. Named for the fact that this rock formation juts out into the water and the land literally ends where the Cortez Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, be ready for an incredible site. The famous arch not only offers great photo opportunities, but after a quick boat ride you can snorkel in the clear water, watch for dolphins and whales, or even do a little rock climbing.

Relax at the Beach

Cabo San Lucas is home to two famous, and secluded beaches- Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach. The beaches are divided by the famous rock Lands End rock formation which makes them special for different reasons. At Lovers Beach you can enjoy gentle waves on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. At Divorce Beach, a slightly more secluded spot, you can enjoy the scene and the view of the Pacific Ocean.

Explore the Marina

For those interested in shopping and taking in the scene in Cabo, the Marina where cruise ships and yachts dock isn't like any other marina. Exclusive, luxury, and exciting are everything the marina here aspires to and is. Leave a couple hours free to explore everything the keeps the not so local regulars coming back to this spot.

Snorkel the Underwater Wonderland

Snorkeling is a popular cruise excursion activity, but the rock formations and area where the sea meets the ocean makes for a unique underwater wonderland. Marine life abounds in this area, especially in the nearby UNESCO Cabo Pulbo Marine Park. Here you can see over 800 different species of marine life and explore water where five different sea turtle species are all protected and thriving.

ATV Tours Through Baja

A short drive from the coast gives you the best idea of how diverse the terrain is in this part of the world. Baja California is home to some of the biggest desert dunes, perfect for ATV riding with any of the many tour companies catering to cruise passengers. From canyons to cliffs to dunes, the ATV rides in this part of the region will always end with a magnificent view of the coast that you'll never forget.

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Mega Zip Line Adventure

If you are looking for even more excitement and a new way to see Cabo San Lucas, you'll find the longest zipline in Mexico in an equally exciting spot. Head to the UNESCO biosphere, Boca de La Sierra for an epic, mega long zipline adventure that will set you soaring over the most dramatic views in Los Cabos. And really, this adventure offers the chance to go for an ATV ride and visit the unique biosphere all before heading off on your zipline adventure.

No matter what type of port excursion you are interested in, a day in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico is sure to leave you with memories for years to come.

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