Heather and I had a debate yesterday about what the guys who carry your luggage onto the cruise ship are called? She insisted they were called porters and I said stevedores though I have called them porters in the past as well. What do you guys think? What's the right name for these hardworking men (and a handfull of women) that take our bags when we drop them off at a cruise port before checking in?

If you just got back from your cruise vacation and are feeling unsteady on your feet, you may be wondering what's going on. Aren't so called "sea legs" a good thing that helps you adapt to motion caused by unstable water? Well, after spending several days - or even weeks - traveling on the ocean, your body has adapted and now it needs to adapt to life back on land again. This is the quick answer to why people feel like they are still swaying ... even after the cruise is over.

One of the most frustrating times in anyone's life is that awkward time between 18 and 25. It's a mixture of confusing and often conflicting messages about your status as an adult member of society. For instance, you can vote and serve in the military at 18 but can't buy a pack of cigarettes till 21 or rent a car till 25. Well ... unfortunately the same situation applies to booking a cruise. Most cruise lines will not allow guests under 21 to book a cruise or even board the ship unless they are accompanied by a chaperone, guardian, or parent who declares they are responsible for the "Young Adult" guest.

Even though cruise ship internet connections have improved dramatically over the past decade, you wifi connection at sea will almost certainly be disapointing. The reality is that you are sharing your connection with 3,000+ others who also want to share their photos, video chat, stream movies, and increasingly use the internet to do basic onboard experiences like ordering a drink or reviewing a menu at dinner. All of this internet activity needs to go through a connection that is incredibly limited both in terms of basic bandwidth under ideal connditions as well as localized servers and other equipment on the ship as well as land-based connection. Thankfully though, there are some ways that you can make the best of the situation by following these tips.

One of the greatest fears of any cruiser new or experienced is getting back to the ship after it has already begun to push back from the dock. This could quite litterally be the end of your cruise since depending on the conditions you may be forced to fly home or if you are lucky pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to have someone from the port take you out to the ship on a tender.