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Beyond The West Coast

Nova Scotia is one of the places we love to explore beyond the west coast

While we love our west coast cruises, the simple reality is that we enjoy other spots around the world too! There is literally an entire world out there waiting to be explored and this gives us an opportunity to experience new and interesting cultures, try new things, and create unique memories to take back home with us. What I find exciting about the industry today is that while I've been on more than a dozen Caribbean Cruises - but with the addition of new cruise lines like Virgin Voyages there are new ports like St Croix, Antigua & Barbuda, and Key West that we can explore for the first time. Likewise, as our west coast favorite cruise line Holland America Line expands, they are offering even more itineraries from Boston exploring Canada and New England ports including going all the way down the St Lawrence River to Montreal and Quebec City! 

The same is true for expedition cruising to Arctic and Antarctica as well as European cruises that have expanded to include more Turkish as well as Gulf Cruises.

It's truly a great time to be a cruise fan. We look forward to showcasing opportunities around the world that cruise fans who love what makes west coast cruises so special - environmentally conscious cruising, exploring cultures, exotic locations, and opportunities for unique luxury experiences such as sailing the Adriatic Sea on a small ship or trying locally owned cruise lines where you can experience more local culture such as a cruise with Ponant (French), Celestyal (Greek), or Cunard (British).