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Things To Do In Juneau Alaska On a Cruise Ship Visit

What to do on a cruise ship stop in Juneau Alaska

Juneau has rightly earned its reputation as being the go-to destination for Alaskan adventure. The town is nestled into one of the country’s largest and most pristine wilderness areas in the Northern hemisphere. Whether you’re exploring ancient glaciers, setting sail on the fishing trip of a lifetime, taking a helicopter tour of the region, experiencing an authentic Alaskan seafood dinner fresh from the ocean, or taking in the wildlife of the incredible region, Juneau isn’t just a destination, it’s an experience. The lush rainforest and iconic glaciers make it a thrilling destination for outdoor experiences. When spending the day in Juneau, don’t miss out on these top cruise shore excursions.

Whale Watching and Wildlife Quest

First and foremost, you won’t want to miss out experiencing the wildlife Juneau has to offer including a sightseeing boat trip to see one of the world’s most majestic creations – Alaska’s humpback whales. This spectacular cruise on a catamaran takes you through the heart of Auke Bay and across Stephen’s Passage. Lush woodlands line that shores and animals dart in and out of view along the shores. An observation deck will let you take in the beauty of Auke Bay from the outdoors. Bring a raincoat to stay dry while you keep an eye out for humpback whales.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Hiking Trails

Juneau offers a myriad of activities for day trippers, but one that you may not find in many brochures is simply experiencing it on foot. Juneau offers over 250 miles of breathtaking hiking trails that give experiences that will last a lifetime. The unique landscape around the Juneau area offers day hikes through lush meadows, dense woodlands, expansive mountainscapes, and mining ruins ripe for exploration. There are trails for all activity levels. From relatively flat nature walks to intensive uphill hikes to see panoramic views of the landscape below, there’s a trail for everyone.

Mendenhall Glacier and Gardens Explorations

The famous 12-mile long Mendenhall Glacier is so much more than rock and ice. Explore the famous Glacier Gardens Rainforest on a narrated tour of this majestic area. Take a trek into the rainforest to experience an ecosystem unlike any other in the world, including elements like Aslaka’s famous upside-down trees. Then, explore the glacier and learn the detailed history of early settlers of this reason through a narrated tour.

Dog Sledding Tour of Mendenhall Glacier

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Explore Mendenhall Glacier in one of the most creative ways possible: by dog sled. The excursion kicks off with a helicopter ride through the serene Alaskan cry. Look down to see the deep green foliage of the rainforest and the snow-capped mountaintops. Once you reach Mendenhall Glacier, you’ll find yourself among hundreds of energetic Alaskan Huskies, waiting to take you through the ins and outs of one of the world’s most incredible glaciers.

Taku Glacier Helicopter and Airboat Adventure

Experience Alaska with an eagle eye view during the incredible skyline tour of Taku Glacier and Tongass National Forest. Passengers will see a panoramic view of the entire Juneau Icefield, deep valleys of the rainforest, and crystal white mountain peaks before landing directly on Taku Glacier. Then, it’s a discovery trip on the Taku Glacier, one of the world’s most remote glaciers. The nature guide will share information about this unique, constantly-changing glaciers ecology and history.

Taste of Juneau

After all the excursions and exploration, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Alaska a major player in the brewing industry, with Juneau serving up some of the state’s best craft brews. Kick off the Taste of Juneau tour at the Alaska Brewery. The tasting room gives visitors an up-close-and-personal look at the brewing process, experiencing it live as the process happens. After, visitors will take a short trip to take in the scenic vistas at Brotherhood Bridge. The exploration culminates with a culinary experience. Guests will learn how to prepare authentic Alaskan cuisine under the tutelage of Chez Alaska Cooking School‘s head chef.