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Carnival Cruises Now Supports VeriFLY In All US Home Ports Including Long Beach

Carnival and VeriFLY Make Boarding Easier

One of the great things about the "Pandemic Pause" was that cruise lines had time to accelerate the check-in process and reduce the time we spend in lines waiting to board. Ironically, on cruises since the re-start, the longest and most complicated process now is verifying vaccine status but Carnival has now made this even easier by rolling out VeriFLY to all of their home ports.

Carnival Cruise Line is making health screening simpler and quicker for guests. After a successful pilot of VeriFLY™ by Daon, a secure and free digital health app allowing vaccinated guests to easily submit pre-embarkation information, Carnival has launched the app fleetwide for all ships in all of its U.S. homeports, making Carnival the largest cruise line to utilize VeriFLY. By using the app, it makes things even faster for families as well as anyone else to get on board and have fun on their cruise.

Guests who use the VeriFLY app can expect the time it takes to complete the health assessment process during embarkation to be cut in half.

“VeriFLY helps our guests easily and securely complete pre-embarkation tasks right from their smartphone. Guests can save time at the port and get on board faster by completing the process via VeriFLY,” said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy.

Using the app has been an easy choice for guests from the start. In the pilot program’s first test in January, ahead of a cruise on Mardi Gras from Port Canaveral, more than 85 percent of the 2,000 guests who opened an email invitation followed through by downloading the VeriFLY app.

“We were very pleased to hear about the success of the VeriFLY app used in the pilot stage with Carnival Cruise Line and are now excited to see the full deployment of VeriFLY fleetwide for all ships in all of its U.S. homeports,” said Daon CEO Tom Grissen.

How To Get VeriFLY:

Available in the App Store or Google Play, once guests download VeriFLY, they can then search for Carnival Cruise Line and complete the required steps. Guests will be asked to submit required documentation, including vaccination status and COVID-19 test results. When the process is successfully completed, a VeriFLY pass will be issued in the app to present at embarkation.

I just processed my information for our cruise on Monday to celebrate St Patrick's Day on Carnival Radiance from Long Beach and the whole process was extremely simple. Once I took a selfie - for facial recognition at the port - I saved a screenshot of my Cal Verify Vaccine app QR code and uploaded that to VeriFLY. Because we're a few days out from sailing still I wasn't able to full complete the process with my health survey and negative (hopefully!) test results. These need to be completed 72-48 hours before embarcation.

If you have technical issues or are unable to use mobile devices due to disability, or other reason such as just plane personal preference, don't worry. Guests are still able to complete their pre-cruise tasks on Carnival.com and present required COVID-19 documents during their embarkation.

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For us though and most guests, it's all about getting through the check-in process as fast as can so we can get to our room to drop off our bags and grab an ice cold Miami Vice up on the lido deck. This is a great program that I'm thrilled they are expanding to ports including Long Beach, San Francisco, and Seatle once the Alaska season begins in just a few short weeks!

For more information on VeriFLY and the process click here.