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Can You Bring Sex Toys On A Cruise?

sex toys on a cruise ship

Vacations in general are often an opportunity for romance and cruises are no different in that regard - except that there's a natural sense of adventure, trying something new, and for many people even an erotic fantasy of doing something kinky on a boat while being rocked by the waves. While litterally thousands of adults enjoy the "motion of the ocean" on a daily basis while cruising, many more also like to use this time to either enjoy a particular kink or celebrate that spirit of "trying something new" on a cruise as well. For some folks that means booking a lifestyle cruise - swingers cruises, nude cruises, gay cruises are all very popular - other folks are simply looking to bring some fun toys along with them to use privately with their partner.

Things have changed a lot in the past few decades. Sex toys used to be something seen as being used only by "deviants" but today even the most vanilla of couples has probably tried things like wrist resraints and blindfolds at home. As such, it would be unrealistic to assume that things wouldn't also happen at sea on a cruise ship.

In parallel to this acceptance of vibrators and other sex toys into romantic encounters is that we now have a wide variety of high quality toys that are frankly - classy - compared to the days when we giggled at Spenser's Gifts over cheap plastic toys. Today, brands like LELO (one of our favorites) produce a wide variety of sex toys that are as discrete as they are fun to play with - either with a partner or by yourself.

However, as any experienced cruiser knows ... security has a list of items that can and can't be brought on the ship and each bag is inspected for contriband. Luckily, these inspections are mostly looking for alcohol, weapons, drugs, and items which may lead to fire. They aren't looking to confiscate your sex toys but that doesn't mean there aren't some things you shouldn't still consider before bringing your pleasure chest onboard a cruise.

Our friend Suzannah Weiss, a certified sexologist, sex educator and sex / love coach has also joined us to share some of her tips and advice for anyone looking to bring sex toys on a cruise. 

Consider TSA Regulations As Well As Cruise Ship Security

Some folks will be driving to the port but most folks will be flying. This means you must consider TSA regulations on things like lithium ion batteries, liquids, and objects that may be considered weapons should all be packed appropriately.

As Suzannah shares, as long as you follow the guidelines you shouldn't worry about embarrasing - or being embarrased - if the security person discovers your items. "The TSA is unlikely to search your bag due to sex toys alone, but if they search it for another reason, they might discover your sex toys. If you don't want that to happen, you can check your bag with the toy(s) in it — but know that it doesn't faze them; they've seen it a million times and they're just looking to investigate whatever set the machine off and send you on your way. "


Keep Things Discrete - Quiet and Out of Sight When You Aren't Using Them

One of the first rules when it comes to anything sexual is that you should always keep your activities private, or at least avoid including people who don't explicitly opt in to your fun.

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This means avoiding large items that might not fit in a drawer when you cabin steward is doing turndown service. Quiet toys can also be a benefit here since noise can carry between walls, out the door, and especially from one balcony to the next if you are having some fun outdoors! Suzannah adds, "Since you may be sleeping in close proximity to others, you can try an extra quiet toy like the LELO SONA 2 Cruise so you can rest assured nobody hears you. "

For help with finding toys that are quieter than others, make sure to check out sex toy reviews on various sites before making a purchase.


To Avoid Bringing Too Many Liquids Consider Packing Toy Cleaning Wipes 

Cleaning your toys is essential to preventing them from being damaged as well as potentially spreading infections. Suzannah shares that one way to do this while avoiding adding more liquids to your bag is to pack sex toy cleaning wipes instead of a large bottle of sanitizer. 


Avoid Bringing Toys That Could Be Considered Weapons

This was actually the comment that inspired us to write this post since a person on one of the cruise groups I'm on asked an honest question about can you bring sex toys on a cruise ship and someone responded that most dildos and vibrators were ok but anything large enough to be considered a baton, club, or bad would probably be confiscated. We're not going to kink shame anyone but this is actually pretty good advice to consider!


Be Prepared To Find Some Items Prohibited Even If Not "On the List"

Let's face it, the cruise lines created a list of items that are prohibuted based on typical customer paterns and some of the more adventurous folks out there are anything but typical. For instance, a small flogger or paddle might be ok, but a bullwhip would probably get confiscated. Unfortunately in these instances, the judgement of the team scanning bags is the law of the land.

As such, while most security folks have no issues bringing soft restraints, gags, blindfolds, masks etc., items such as metal handcuffs are almost always prohibited. Some cruise lines even mention explicitly that handcuffs and restraints are probited. While you may get lucky, I was told by a friend on a recent Atlantis cruise that there was litterally a box full of handcuffs and similar items that were confiscated during embarcation.

Similarly, while you might be able to bring on some ropes, knives and sisors for safely and quickly undooing those ropes would also be prohibited.

That being said, while cruise ship security is extremely important, there are many people who bring things that aren't allowed on a daily basis so if you want to try and sneak stuff on, go ahead but just be very discrete and try to find alternatives such as velcro cuffs instead of metal handcuffs for your next cruise.


Keep Your "Romantic Activites" Private and In Your Cabin

Many people think that because they are on vacation with a bunch of folks they don't know and will never see again that it is ok to be a bit exhibitionist. The idea of sex on a balcony, a hut tub, or even a clamshell on deck might be extremely exciting to you but there are litterally cameras everywhere on deck and people are everywhere. If you are going to do something fun and adventurous make sure that people can't look down on your balcony from above or the side.

Similarly, please avoid making anything awkward for crew or other guests should they walk by or wonder what's going on while you're having fun in public places.

While you may be tempted to try something like walking around the ship with a remote controlled vibrator, the key here is discretion. There is certainly going to be a thrill of controlling your partner's pleasure with a remote toy like the Lelo Tiani 3, do it in places where your activities won't interfear with or impact other guests and their ability to enjoy the cruise.


The Bottom Line ... Yes You Can Bring Most Sex Toys On Cruise Ships

The short answer is that yes you can bring most sex toys on cruise ships but you should be prepared to have anything more than a simple vibrator recieve extra attention during security checks and potentially confiscated if it edges into something more extreme. 

With that being said, have fun, try new experiences onboard that go beyond simply a traditional toy. Order a bucket of ice from room service or maybe a piece of chocolate cake or some honey (though please don't make a mess and tip your room steward very well if you do). Playing and having a sensual and romantic experience on a cruise ship is about more than just the toys you bring on the ship with you, so have fun and try something new!