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Quinceañera Cruise Planning Guide

Quinceanera on Princess Cruises

Your daughter's Quinceañera is a special event in life. You want to create something your guests will remember. Whether you are looking for an ultimate blow out celebration with the fanciest suites on the newest ships or you are looking for something more budget friendly, there are plenty of options available.

Why A Cruise Is A Great Option For Celebrating A Quinceañera

Known as a Quince, these parties should rival a wedding. Taking your party on a cruise is one of the biggest ways you could celebrate. It gives you so much more for your money than an event hall at a local hotel. Most cruises include everything for the big day. Everyone can sit back and enjoy the celebration. After all, isn't that how it should be? Here are a few more reasons of why this is such a good option.

• They include several parties for the cost of one.
• The activities for the party are limitless.
• You'll have far less stress.
• The whole family gets a vacation out of the celebration.

There are the gatherings at the time of boarding. You get group activities that take the event from one party to a whole cruise. You have to admit, that's pretty awesome. Think of the excitement when you tell her what you've planned for her big day.

These cruises have zip lines, ice skating, surfing, snorkeling, and so much more. All those things are part of the cruise. You can picture the rest of the story, right? It's going to make her smile for years. The family will love it too. No stress, just relax and enjoy.

Disadvantages Of Celebrating A Quinceañera On A Cruise

You need to know the disadvantages. There are a few. This first is that everyone needs to have their papers together. Things can go wrong when teenagers get together laughing, and forget a paper that's needed at a port. It's a lot of responsibility to take a whole cruise of teenagers. Here are a few other things to consider.

• Luggage
• Sickness
• Kids getting lost
• The cost

Luggage is another big responsibility. Teen girls have a lot of bags that you'll need to keep track of for the Quinceañera cruise. It's manageable, but something to consider. When you have a plan before, you can prepare for things that naturally come up. Think color coding and some serious organization.

Have you ever been sea sick? It is a thing to take a moment to think about. Most people take motion sickness medicine, just in case the sea “whoosies” get a hold of you or your guests. You don't want your daughter to feel queasy on her Quinceañera cruise either.

Kids do wander off and get lost. Imagine hitting the high seas with them. Still, if you have a plan, you can handle it. Think organization, and you'll have it all under control. Considered hiring help for this one special event.

The cost can be a bit much for some people. If you save, find deals though, then all this is just waiting for your daughter's Quinceañera. It's so worth it for her special day. She's remember it forever. So will her friends.


Selecting The Right Cruise Line Will Set The Tone For Your Quince Cruise

Frankly, we think that Princess Cruises is the perfect name for a celebration where your daughter will quite litterally be dressed and celebrated like a princess. However, there are plenty of other options as well. Just as each young lady has her own personality and dreams, each cruise line has nuances that will make a difference in shaping your event.

For instance, cruise lines like Princess and Celebrity offer a more upscale - but still affordable - luxury experience. However, other cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean will generally have more fun experiences going on until late in the evening. On the other hand, cruise lines like Holland America Line and Cunard are more reserved and not as optimized for younger people ... unless you wanted to do a Titanic-themed celebration in which case a classicly styled Cunard ship might be the perfect backdrop.

Picking The Right Cruise Destination For A Quinceañera

There are so many options for your Quinceañera cruise. With a quince cruise, you're in control of your special event and you can take advantage of not just one big party but a series of parties in each port with different settings and experiences. This is one event that you want people to remember for life. Make it special. Some of the most popular Quinceañera cruises leave from ports that already have professional Quinceañera event planners with experience in throwing the ultimate party. However, most cruise ship event planners are also experienced in this special celebration and can help you put all the details together, including meals, events, photographers, decorations etc.

 Some of the most popular ports for Quinceañera cruises include:

However, by selecting to bring your family and friends on a cruise for your Quinceañera, you could travel litterally anywhere in the world. So, depending on your budget and personality you could cruise in the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera ... or you could sail to Alaska, Europe, or even Hawaii.

These are just some choices for destinations. Each cruise line offers different choices for that special celebration. There are ways to get more for your investment, too. Consider these ideas. They all take the Quinceañera cruise a level higher. One of them takes care of those cons above.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Quinceañera Cruise

There are several things that take your Quinceañera cruise to max. While a quince cruise can be a very affordable option, it can also be the ultimately blowout experience that your guests will remember forever. Your daughter's joy is worth everything. She made it to this age. Now you can celebrate by adding some of these extra features available on certain ships.

Order the fancies suite on your Quinceañera cruise - some suites have multiple rooms, outdoor dining rooms, private hot tubs and big screen tvs!

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Set up a virtual reality event on the cruise if you are sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line's Joy and Encore, but most vessels have a pretty awesome arcade game room that can be reserved for your group to enjoy privately.

Go for the ultimate in luxury by chosing a cruise that features the option to add a butler such as the Royal Genie on Royal Caribbean's top ships. Has your daughter ever had a butler? Have you? They take care of everything for your event, trip, and anything else you need. They are at your beck and call. When you have a question about something on the ship, they know the answer. They also help keep track of the locations of the kids, luggage, and pesky papers. A cruise butler would be your the ultimate helper on a Quinceañera cruise.

Or you could go for a small ship experience by chartering an entire yacht to explore private coves in Baja, Hawaii, Alaska, or even the Caribbean where the entire vessel is at your disposal and if you want to stay all night in a certain spot to enjoy the stars ... that's what the capitain will do.

This is an opportunity to make your daughter's fantasies come true so if you have an idea ... it can probably be done.

It's a coming of age, and a time to celebrate something big. Show the people in your life how special your daughter's life is with a celebration they won't ever forget. Get those princess dresses together, and start planning your daughter's big day.