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Panama Canal Cruises

Holland America Line ship transiting the Panama Canal

Panama Canal canal cruises are one of the more exotic cruise options that guests can take to or from California. While the actual canal experience itself is the bucket list objective for most guests, cruises on these itineraries also offer the opportunity to visit ports that are seldom explored on other itineraries such as Cartagena, Columbia, and Huatulco, Mexico. 

With its lush jungles, vibrant cities, and rich cultures to explore along the route, it’s no wonder why a Panama Canal cruise is one of the most sought-after vacation experiences. 


Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal Cruises

Also known as full transit Panama Canal Cruises, these journeys typically travel between Ft Lauderdale or Miami on the Atlantic side and San Diego or Los Angeles on the Pacific. Most of these itineraries will spend two days crossing the canal itself, providing passengers with plenty of time to take in the scenery and watch as their ship navigates the locks. Some cruises may also feature a stop in Panama City where travelers can explore its rich culture and history.


Partial Transit Panama Canal Cruises

Another option to consider is a Partial Transit Panama Canal Cruise. As the name suggests, these cruises spend only part of the journey crossing the canal and typically involve a round trip from San Diego or Los Angeles (or Ft Lauderdale or Miami for Caribbean itineraries), some of these partial transit Panama cruises will be point to point from San Diego to Panama City (on the Caribbean side of the Canal) for instance. This allows guests to have a shorter overall cruise experience while still being able to experience the thrill of passing between two different oceans!


No matter which option you choose, a Panama Canal cruise will be sure to provide an unforgettable journey! With plenty of unique destinations to explore along with one of the world’s most stunning engineering feats, it’s no wonder why this type of itinerary is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. So if you’re looking for an exotic adventure that’s full of culture and history, consider taking a Panama Canal cruise for your next vacation!  You won’t be disappointed. 

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