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Things To Do in Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Things to do in Vancouver Canada on a cruise ship visit.

Vancouver is the gateway for most Alaska cruises since it serves as a foreign port and so you can spend more time heading to Alaska, whereas Seattle cruises must stop in Victoria. The city is a cosmopolitan destination with a large Asian and South Asian population and offers a variety of cultural tourism opportunities as well as eco-tourism in Vancouver itself as well as the mountains just outside the city.

From the North Shore Mountains that rise behind the city’s skyline, to the thriving unique city that sits at the base of the mountains, Vancouver and surrounding regions are an incredible place to visit. There are very few cities in North America as rich in diversity and blended culture as Vancouver, British Columbia. It is consistently named as one of the most livable cities in the world. The local people welcome tourists in typical Canadian fashion. There is an expansive amount of attractions and adventures to be had in Vancouver, even if just for a day. You may just have a single day for a cruise shore excursion into Vancouver, so here are some of the activities and sights you won’t want to miss.


Wild Whales Vancouver

Location on Granville Island, just a short ferry ride from downtown Vancouver, Wild Wales Vancouver provides the top whale watching excursion in Vancouver, following both resident and transient orca whale pods. This whale watching tour is unique in its offering of three boat types: partly-sheltered, open air, and zodiac boats. Partly-sheltered boats allow indoor whale watching with an unenclosed option, the zodiac boat’s open-air vessel is designed for the bold whale watcher with a smoother ride, and the zodiac boat offers a highly immersive whale watching experience, coasting very near water level.


Capilano Suspension Bridge

Take a 230-foot high adventure into the heart of Vancouver’s pristine wilderness by walking the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The bridge spans an impressive 450 feet and is one of Vancouver’s top attractions. The bridge dangles over an elusive gorge carved out by the Capilano River. On your way to the bridge, you will take trek through Stanley Park. Larger than NYC’s Central Park, Stanley Park has stunning old growth woodlands comprised of old-growth forest and featuring stoic Old Nation totems. You’ll also be treated to a thrilling cliff walk along a granite precipice that follows alongside the rushing Capilano River. Explorers will enjoy the naturally-made stairs, platforms, and granite bridgeways that connect.


Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

Take your culinary experience to the next level, literally, with an exceptional meal at Vancouver’s famous revolving restaurant, 555 feet high. The revolving restaurant is known throughout the world as an innovator in dining, literally giving guests the chance to see all of Vancouver while enjoying a delicious meal and vibrant ambiance. Guests will enjoy a scenic panorama of the entire vista of Vancouver. The winders are designed at an angle that maximizes the magical views, with the building making a full rotation once every hour. Visitors can enjoy the chef’s finest cuisine with a pre-set, 3-course menu.


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Vancouver Sightseeing

This guided sightseeing tour is just around 2 hours long but will take you through the winding and interesting streets of Vancouver. Guests on this tour will visit historic sites where the tour guide will paint a picture of colorful characters and tales of the time that still resonate today. Guests will be able to visit Vancouver’s Chinatown, one of the largest in all of North America. The tour also travels through the Gastown district by vehicle, hearing all about Vancouver history such as the tale of John “Gassy Jack” Deighton, a local legend. The trip culminates at Stanley Park where you can get up close and personal with remnants of the area’s Native Indian Culture.


Vancouver Hop On, Hop Off Highlights Tour

This ride-through route is excellent for a cruise excursion because it stops at all the major attractions in Vancouver and gives riders the ability to hop off anytime they see an attraction they would like to explore, stay as long as they want, and then jump right back on when they are ready. The busses for this tour arrive at a designated stop on a frequent basis, making it the perfect trip for the Vancouver visitor that really wants to visit everything and see it all while staying on their own pace and schedule.


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