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Holland America Line Pinnacle Class Ships Feature Single Staterooms With Ocean Views

single stateroom on Holland America Line Rotterdam

In the past, most folks wanting to sail single were forced to either find a roomate or pay a "Single Supplement" fee often priced as high as a second cruise fare. In more recent ship builds we've thankfully started to see cruise lines offer some great options for solo travelers. We recently got a chance to tour a Single Stateroom on Holland America Line's latest ship, MS Rotterdam and we are very impressed.

While MS Rotterdam is currently sailing Caribbean waters, the layout is nearly identical to her Pinnacle class sisters. These of course include, San Diego based Koningsdam, which offers coastal California itineraries and sails Alaska in summer, as well as Nieuw Statendam which will alternate between Caribbean and Alaska itineraries.

Each of these three ships features 12 Single Cabins and all of them include an Oceanview window, a feature I find few other mid-tier cruise lines offer. Usually we find single stateroom options for solo travelers to be located in interior spaces. As such, we were frankly surprised and impressed with how much this felt like a normal cabin and not a closet.

Additionlly, the bathroom itself is (at least by our visual approximation) full sized, so bigger folks like myself will still feel comfortable here.

Total square footage for Holland America Line's Single Staterooms on the Pinnacle class ships ranges from 127-172 sq ft.

360 Virtual Tour of Rotterdam Room 1081

One thing I really liked about the single cabins on Norwegian ships that is missing here is that they offer a "singles lounge" where you can gather with other folks traveling alone. Though, in practice I'm not sure that is needed here since these rooms on Rotterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Koningsdam are so much larger and offer plenty of space to simply relax and read a book or watch some TV in your own room ... vs potentially feeling claustrophobic.

Either way, these rooms are a great option for anyone who prefers to have their own space on a cruise. 

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