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Vacation Beauty Tips: Keeping Your Skin Looking Great On A Cruise

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So you've booked a cruise and are shopping for that perfect dress and tuxedo for formal night ... you want to look sharp for photos and feel great while exploring the world. While buying clothes and jewelry is great ... taking proper care of your skin is essential to looking fabulous too! Luckily, on most cruise ships, there's a literal army of aestheticians waiting to offer beauty seminars and treatments promising to make you look and feel younger. In reality, though, great-looking skin isn't just something you can buy on a cruise and take home with you. It's a process that needs to start before you even leave home. 


Why Looking Great Is So Important On A Cruise

Looking great on a cruise makes you feel good. With the ocean air drying your skin, using moisturizer is vital. A natural look with minimal makeup and a quality sunscreen in your moisturizer helps you shine without worry.

This way, your focus stays on fun rather than fixing make-up. Plus, it's easy to keep looking fresh from morning till night. On deck or at dinner, glowing skin adds to the joy of cruising.

Cruises are full of photo ops—sunrise over waves, sunset dinners, and island explorations. Good skincare ensures you're always ready for that perfect shot. It means less time editing photos and more time making memories.

By protecting your hair and skin from sun damage with sunscreen, you'll look great and feel confident throughout your journey.

Men Deserve To Look Great On A Cruise Too!

Men need skin care on a cruise just as much as women. The sun, wind, and salt water can all affect their skin. Therefore, they should pack effective skincare products, such as face wash, moisturizer, and after-sun lotion.

With Father's Day coming up, you might even consider buying them a skin care products  starter bundle like this one from Particle. It comes complete with Face Cream, Neck Cream, and Face Wash so that they can keep their face looking clean and reduce the signs of aging by tightening skin, and helping to eliminate wrinkles.

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This is a great gift idea for the man in your life so that he can start preserving his skin's youthful glow as well. Plus, with this bundle from Particle, he won't need to worry about mixing and matching different scents, now he can have them all together in one easy package.

Take this a step further and complement the skin care products bundle with a nice dop kit, some shaving lotion, a great cologne, and sun protection cream. Now he will be ready to join you for photos on a formal night, looking like a celebrity with fabulous skin that you won't be able to take your hands off of!

Beyond simply looking better, the other key element that men sometimes forget is the importance of preventing sun damage. While this is a concern for both men and women, males tend to be less careful about sun exposure. Luckily this is something that is easy once you start thinking about it. For instance, wearing hats and sun-protective clothing, applying sunscreen properly, and using a lip balm that keeps his lips moisturized and protected from dry air as well as harsh sunlight. Sun damage doesn't pick who it affects. Everyone needs protection. A simple routine helps men enjoy their vacation without worrying about skin damage.

Using these tips will ensure they look great throughout the trip.

Planning For Different Climates And Weather Conditions

Cruises take you to many places, each with its own weather. Pack smart so your skin stays happy, whether it's cold in Alaska or hot in Mexico. Regardless of whether your choice of shore excursions calls for relaxing on the beach in Mazatlan or searching for whales in Alaska, you need to be prepared for the different climates and weather conditions so you can maintain that youthful appearance.

DestinationSkincare Tips
Summer in Alaska Hydration: Use a rich moisturizer to combat dry, cool air.
  Sunscreen: Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen to protect from UV rays.
  Lip Care: Use a hydrating lip balm with SPF.
  Wind Protection: Apply a barrier cream to protect from windburn.
Fall Coastal California Exfoliation: Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells due to the dry, autumn air.
  Moisturizer: Use a lightweight moisturizer that still provides hydration.
  Sunscreen: Even in the fall, sunscreen with SPF 30+ is essential.
  Serum: Incorporate a vitamin C serum to combat environmental damage.
Winter in the Mexican Riviera Sunscreen: Use a high SPF 50+ to protect against strong sun exposure.
  After-sun care: Use aloe vera gel to soothe any sunburns.
  Light Moisturizer: Use a light, non-greasy moisturizer to keep skin hydrated without feeling heavy.
  Hat & Sunglasses: Wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses.
Spring in Hawaii Sunscreen: Apply broad-spectrum SPF 30+ regularly due to strong tropical sun.
  Hydration: Use a hydrating serum or gel moisturizer to combat humidity.
  Anti-humidity: Use anti-humidity products to control excess oil and shine.
  Aloe Vera: Keep aloe vera gel handy for any sunburns or skin irritation.
General Cruise Ship Advice Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated.
  Moisturizer: Use a good quality moisturizer daily as air on ships can be dry.
  Sunscreen: Always wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days or when indoors by windows.
  Hand Care: Use hand cream regularly to prevent dryness from frequent hand washing.
  Face Mist: Carry a hydrating face mist for quick refreshment.
  Night Routine: Follow a thorough night skincare routine to cleanse and repair skin from the day's exposure to various elements.


The chart above is only a guide, though; it is essential to check the weather forecast and ask your travel advisor for insight into what to pack. For example, while Alaska will almost always be cooler than Mexico - it can change pretty dramatically between different destinations along the cruise route. For example, Juneau only has an average high of 48 degrees and 15 days of rain in April ... but Skagway averages only 7 days of rain. 

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Tips For Taking Skincare Products and Supplements On A Cruise

Packing right means looking great—choose your skin care must-haves wisely, keep it simple, and follow rules about what you can't bring. Ready to learn more?

Focus on skincare essentials

Focusing on skincare essentials keeps things simple and effective for cruisers. It saves space, time, and ensures your skin stays healthy.

  1. Cleanser: A must-have. Choose a gentle formula that doesn't dry out your skin. It washes away dirt without stripping natural oils.
  2. Moisturizer: Look for one with hyaluronic acid. It holds water to keep your skin hydrated all day, even in dry or humid climates.
  3. Sunscreen: Non-negotiable. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher every morning, and reapply every two hours.
  4. After-sun care: Aloe vera or a soothing lotion helps if you get too much sun. These products cool and repair the skin.
  5. Minimal makeup: Travel-sized products are best. Think multipurpose items like tinted moisturizer with SPF.
  6. Water bottle: Staying hydrated is key for great skin. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  7. Hat and sunglasses: Protects your face from the sun's harsh rays, reducing the risk of premature aging and burns.

Cruisers can maintain beautiful skin throughout their journey by keeping these essentials in mind without overpacking or fussing over complex routines. 

CBD and cannabis products are strictly forbidden

After choosing your skincare must-haves, know this: CBD and cannabis items are a no-go. Rules on ships are clear—these products cannot come with you. It's true for creams, oils, or any form with CBD or cannabis.

This rule stands firm on all cruises, without exceptions.

Why? The laws about these substances vary widely from one place to another. Cruise lines must follow strict international regulations to keep everyone safe and compliant. So, leave those products at home and focus on what's allowed to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Avoid unlabeled containers that could look suspicious

Packing your skincare in clear, labeled bottles is a must. Security teams on cruises inspect luggage for safety. An unlabeled bottle could slow down your boarding process or get thrown away.

Always label your bottles with their content's name to keep things quick and smooth.

Next, pick products that are reef-safe if you're headed to places like Hawaii or the Mexican Riviera.

Try to avoid skincare products containing environmentally harmful chemicals

Choose your skincare carefully for your cruise. Products containing Petrolatum, Titanium Dioxide, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene, and Octinoxate harm reefs and make cause other issues for marine life. That's why some places ban these ingredients. While we think of "reef-safe sunscreen", what most people don't consider is that deodorant, makeup, skin cream, etc., that contain these ingredients can find their way into the grey water that comes from your shower and are ultimately released back into the ocean. Similarly, it can wash off your body when you go swimming as well.

While most cruise lines recommend avoiding bringing these chemicals on your cruise, they typically aren't outright banned at this point. From a logistical perspective, that would be very difficult. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore the recommendation. Do your part and help keep the beaches, reefs, and oceans safe!

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Keeping Your Skin Looking Naturally Gorgeous

To keep your skin beautiful, drink lots of water. Wearing sun-blocking clothes and big hats helps too.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water keeps your skin moist and clear on a cruise. Aim for 8 glasses each day. This simple step also fights jet lag. When you enjoy the sun and try new foods, your body needs more water.

Water helps remove toxins from your skin, and well-hydrated skin tends to be more elastic and better able to resist damage from the sun's UV rays as well as being chapped by wind blowing over the bow of the boat as it cruises from one port to the next. It's easy to forget to drink enough with all the fun on board. Keep a bottle with you always. This way, you stay hydrated, keeping your skin looking great every day of your vacation.

Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing shields skin from harmful rays. Cruisers must wear it to avoid burns and damage.

  1. Choose fabrics with a high UPF rating. These materials block more UV radiation than regular clothes.
  2. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants even on hot days. They cover more skin than T-shirts or shorts.
  3. Look for hats with wide brims. They protect not just your face but also your neck and ears.
  4. Pick sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Your eyes need protection too.
  5. Cover up during peak sun hours, usually between 10 AM and 4 PM. This is when UV rays hit hardest.
  6. Invest in lightweight, breathable fabrics if worried about heat. They keep you cool while blocking the sun.
  7. Every piece of clothing doesn't need UPF labeling if you're smart about choices—dark colors and dense weaves help too.

Opting for sun protective wear helps cruisers enjoy their vacation without risking skin health.

Wide-brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats shield your face, neck, and ears from the sun. They are key for protecting skin on cruises. A good hat blocks harmful rays and keeps you cool. Choose ones that cover well for best protection.

Wearing these hats is smart with sunscreen. They add an extra layer of defense against sunburn and skin damage. On sunny days at sea or stops at beaches, they make a big difference in skin care.

Limit Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages

Drink less alcohol on your cruise to keep your skin looking fresh. Alcohol can dry out your skin, making it look older. So, choose water or juice instead of beer or cocktails. This helps your body stay hydrated and keeps your skin healthy.

Also, staying away from too much booze means you'll enjoy your vacation more and remember all the fun times.

To protect your skin, follow one simple rule: for every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water. This balance helps prevent dehydration. Skin needs moisture to stay smooth and clear, so drinking plenty of fluids is key.

By doing this, you ensure that you're taking good care of yourself while still having a great time on the ship.

Importance of Sunscreen While Cruising

Sunscreen is a must on your cruise vacation. The sun's rays are stronger at sea, where water and ship surfaces reflect light onto your skin. Australian Gold Tinted Botanical Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 shields against UVA and UVB rays.

It suits all skin types without harming marine life. For fair, sensitive skin, Neutrogena 100+ SPF offers extra protection. Lighter sunscreens keep your complexion even while protecting it.

Always apply sunscreen every two hours or after swimming. Even on cloudy days, harmful UV rays can reach your skin. Wearing sunscreen prevents burns, early aging signs like wrinkles, and lowers skin cancer risk.

Choose products wisely for effective protection and environmental responsibility during your cruise adventure.

Taking Advantage Of Skincare Classes And Spa Services On The Cruise

After learning the importance of sunscreen, explore skincare classes and spa services onboard. Cruises offer unique facial treatments you won't find at home. These sessions can teach you how to keep your skin glowing with the right products.

You'll learn directly from experts about the best care for your face, even when out at sea.

Cruises also have spas that provide massages and bodycare routines perfect for relaxation. Signing up for these can enhance your skin’s health and give you a stress-free vacation glow.

With professional advice handy, picking up tips on maintaining beautiful skin becomes easy. Plus, these services often use high-quality ingredients that nourish your skin deeply.


Keep your skin glowing on a cruise with the right care. Pack essentials like a gentle cleanser, spray mist toner, and sunscreen SPF 50. Remember to exfoliate twice weekly. Stay hydrated and use chapstick with SPF 30 for lips.

Opt for light makeup with moisturizer to maintain a natural look. Men should also follow these tips to keep their skin healthy. Following these steps ensures beautiful skin throughout your cruise adventure.