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How To Get Laid On A Cruise

A guide to helping singles find romantic partners on a cruise

Let's face it ... Carnival cruises are one of the most popular spring break ideas for college kids and so we get asked about this topic frequently. The reality is that we have no direct control over how you or anyone else can get laid on a cruise ship and as a general note, dating and finding a sex partner on a cruise really isn't much different than any other place that you might visit on vacation. While there is an erotic fantasy about no strings attached cruise ship sex, that's more of a fantasy than anything else. Regardless, thousands of people do have sex every day on cruise ships, so let's take a look at some advice to help you make it happen!


Picking The Right Cruise Line, Date, and Itinerary

There are two types of cruise ship hookups - planned and those that just happen. If you are specifically booking your cruise to get laid then make sure you pick the right cruise to help improve your odds of making that happen. For instance, you'll need to select the right time of year and itinerary where eligable singles that you are looking to hook up with will be sailing with you. Also, you'll want to make sure to select the right cruise line that attracts folks who might also be looking for a cruise romance. Otherwise, it is sort of pointless.

For instance, certain cruise lines such as Carnival are more likely to a good fit for younger singles looking to mingle. Furthermore, you will find different times of year and various itineraries will also be much more likely to have a good number of singles on the ship.

Our pick would be to look for a Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise from Florida or Los Angeles and ideally around spring break to be the best pick to find college-aged single guys and women on cruise ships. Cruises from Houston and New Orleans (especially around Mardi Gras) would also great picks for those looking for a cruise ship romance.

While longer cruises are wonderful if you are looking to explore exotic locations, for singles looking to party, cheap 3-4 day cruises such as Baja Mexico cruises from Los Anglees or Bahama cruises from Miami are the best bet. Not only are these cruises shorter but they are much cheaper.

This means you can spend that extra cash on drinks.

It also means that you will have fewer days to try to avoid someone on the ship if things don't work out!


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Shorter Cruises Let You Be A Baller On A Budget

We don't usually encourage folks to pretend to be someone they aren't. That is a terrible way to start a relationship. However, if you are a guy looking to find girls to hook up with, one way that works well is for guys to be flashy and show their wealth. That is obviously very sexist and won't work to attract every lady. However, a cruise presents an interesting opportunity to make this happen in a unique way.

For instance, by selecting a short cruise, you can choose a suite instead of a balcony room for about the same price as you might otherwise pay on a week-long-cruise.

Similarly, you can splurge on a drink package or buy your date expensive top-shelf drinks and spend money taking her to the steakhouse or buying a fancy gift from one of the jewelry stores onboard.

Bring A Wingman or Wingwoman With You

Just like back on land, a wingwoman or wingman is a valuable asset on a cruise. However, on a cruise it is a bit different than simply going out to the bar since ideally, hooking up and getting laid isn't your only reason for taking the cruise. 

This person should be a fun traveling companion so that even if things don't work out in the romance department that you will still have a fantastic cruise experience.

Also, since most cruises are priced based on double occupancy, you will want to share the room with someone. 

Just remember to set ground rules ahead of time in terms of signalling that the "room is busy". This goes for guys as well as girls and you will also want to make sure that your friend knows where you are and with whom. Cruise ships are generally very safe but again ... normal dating rules apply here too.


Don't Get (Too) Drunk

Without a doubt, alcohol and finding someone to hook up with often go hand in hand. Luckily there is plenty of alcohol to be found on a cruise ship and depending on your budget it is likely you may have purcahsed a drinks package. However, while we know that alcohol can have certain physical affects on men no matter where they are - at sea, in combination with even gentle rocking of the ship, alcohol can make anyone sicker quicker.

Feeling quesy on a ship is never fun. To help ensure that you are both mentally and physically ready to have fun ... men as well as women limit alcohol intake where possible and avoid over consumption. 

Afterall, who wants to head back to their cabin with a potential romantic partner only to pass out or feel sick once they pass through the door?


Look For Activities That Involve Social Interaction

New cruisers might think that the perfect spot to pick someone up is by strolling through the sun deck or hanging out by the pool. That's actually not the ideal location since nobody wants to be hit on while relaxing in the sun. Also, no matter what ship, time of year, or itinerary, you are going to have a wide range of people onboard and not everyone is going to be dressing or acting in a way that would be considered "exciting".

Instead, look for activities that involve casual social interaction as a first step.

Activities Good For Meeting Single People On A Cruise Ship:

  1. Singles Meetups - look in the daily cruise planner for singles events, this is one sure way to find singles looking to meet up.
  2. Hot Tubs - while pools aren't as popular as you'd think on cruise ships, hot tubs are a perfect place to meet people but you might have to jump around to a few different spots depending on the vibe of your particular ship.
  3. Dance Parties and The Disco - Dance parties and the nightclub or discoteque are always a great place to find women. You can also look for folks interested in dancing at live music venues and karaoke, just put yourself out on the dance flook at see what happens.
  4. Trivia, Painting, and Other Activities - Any opportunity to meet people and interact will be a good opportunity to find someone and get to know them. Use this time to get to know someone better by inviting someone you met to join you as well as keep your ears open if someone has a suggestion like, "my friend is single, you should meet him".
  5. Bars - duh! Don't just hang out at the bars though, look for things like an alcohol tasting, mixology class, or wine class. Again this is part a chance to find someone as well as to invite someone you already met so that you can start to cultivate a relationship.


Pick The Right Shore Excursions

Some shore excursions are going to be better than others when it comes to meeting singles that you can develop a relationship with. For instance, a shopping trip in Puerto Vallarta is not going to be as good as a catamaran sailing charter with all inclusive beach party. In Ensenada for instance, excursions such as the Bar Hopping Tour or Ensenada beer & Tequila Experience excursions offered by Carnival are great options to find young singles.


Get Noticed (in a good way!)

Ladies - wear that awesome dress and hit the dance floor or sing your heart out during karaoke night. Guys, show off your skills competing in physuical contests like belly flop or hair man competitions as well as more high-brown opportunities such as competing in a mixology challenge. You could even call into the daily morning show and tell everyone you are from whatever college / town and you are looking to party. 

If nothing else, if you see an attractive person that interests you, buy them a drink as an easy introduction.

The first step to finding that person to get together with is all about getting noticed.


Guys - Don't Be A Douche Bag!

Guys are notoriously arrogant when it comes to dating and hooking up on cruise ships. Don't be that guy! 

Confidence is important but the rules haven't changed just because you are on a cruise ship instead of the bar or club back home. Getting laid on a cruise ship might introduce an exotic element since you are far from home and chances are that you will never see the person again but don't be a douche bag. 


Ladies - If You Are Interested, This Isn't The Time To Play Hard To Get

Ladies, your cruise vacation is only going to be a few days long. So, if your goal is to find "Mr Right Now" don't play hard to get. If you just simply want to flirt then that is totally fine and nobody should push you further than you are comfortable with. However, if your goal is to get some vacation action then it is important to express your desires and be clear that you are interested should you find someone potentially compatible.

That doesn't mean you have to drag the first guy you see back to your cabin. If you've enjoyed someone's company though, and want a quick vacation fling or even a one-night-stand ... let him (or her) know. Also, make sure to have clear expectations about what you want.

Casual cruise hookups can be fun but if you and your partner have different expectations then that just sucks.


Your Room Is The ONLY Place You Should Have Sex On A Cruise

Well, your room ... or your partner's room anyhow.

As fun as it might sound, please don't try to have sex in the pool or hot tub, that's just gross for other people and public sex in other parts of the ship is just rude. Plus, especially during times like spring break, there are going to be lots of families and you don't want to have some kid stumble upon you guys humping in a clamshell, even if you have a blanket over your bodies.

Additionally, even though your balcony may seem completely private ... it is highly likely that neighbors above, below, or to the side can see part of your balcony and sound travels too. Also, depending on where your cabin is located there might even be IR cameras to help track bodies or debris that might fall into the ocean. Plus, as fun as it might be in your mind to bend someone over the balcony railing, that's just downright dangerous - Don't Do it! 


Don't Hit On Crew!

While there may be many very attractive young men and women from all over the world serving in the bars, restaurants, and other venues ... don't hit on them. Not only are they under strict orders not to date guests, it is also rude and innapropriate to hit on people while and where they work.

Also, do not mistake a friendly smile, wave, or comment as a sign that they are into you. Even if there might exist some level of attraction, following that could result in them recieving discipinary action or getting fired. This is true at bars and restaurants on land and it is especially true at sea.

Fantasies of crew-guest encounters are just that. 

Don't worry though, on a typical cruise there will be thousands of guests for you to socialize with so leave the crew alone.