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What Is A Fish Extender On A Disney Cruise?

fish extender on stateroom door disney wonder cruise

Have you ever heard of a Fish Extender on a Disney Cruise? This unique concept may sound strange, but it is actually an important part of the cruise experience for many people that sail on a Disney cruise. While socializing with other guests on your itinerary before the cruise is something that is common regardless of which cruise line - the notion of sharing gifts with each other, planning your door decorations, and indeed encouraging people to travel through the ships hallways seeking out door decorations that they learned about online is something that in uniquely Disney. I think this extends from the already popular activity of trading pins with other folks at the Disney parks but I'm not entirely sure. Whatever the reason - it's an incredibly fun experience that anyone can join in on ... even if it is your first cruise with Disney!

We first experienced this when sailing on Disney Wonder last December on a "Very Merrytime" cruise from San Diego. At first, I was confused ... why would you need to extend your fish? Have these people in the Disney cruise Facebook groups lost their minds? What's going on? We have been long-time fans of Carnival cruises for the social aspect and over the years we've done more than our share of poker crawls, room tours, progressive gifting experiences, slot pulls, and other activities. But this was something new and exciting and uniquely family-focused - where the Carnival activities were decidedly more for adults than those with kids of all ages.

That last part is important since we found that while Disney is clearly a "Family Cruise" experience - as an adult couple in our 40s, Heather and I had an incredible time. I'm happy to exchange recipe cards or spread ducks around the ship and generally enjoy the spirit of Disney magic for what it is ... an opportunity to unpack that wonder and excitement of being part of something full of fantasy.

The idea behind a Fish Extender originated in 2005 when Disney fan EpcotKilterFan posted on the popular DIS Forum about an idea for bringing those who would be sailing with him on a Westbound Panama Canal cruise to do something fun to pass the time. He, along with others in the discussion, had the bright idea to bring some baskets or bags onto the ship which could be hung from her stateroom message holder. The idea was to fill these baskets with small treats such as candy and handmade trinkets for her fellow passengers to enjoy throughout the trip. The word quickly spread and everyone was soon talking about “Fish Extenders”!

For those who have never sailed on a Disney cruise, you may be scratching your head wondering, "ok so why is it called a fish extender?!" The simple reason for this is that the first two Disney Cruise Line ships - Disney Wonder and Disney Magic both have metal fish attached to the wall next to each stateroom where they can leave messages, shore excursion tickets, invitations to special events etc. On Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the fish are on the port side cabins, while starboard cabins feature a seahorse ... which I suppose is still a fish of a different type. We would expect this to be true on Disney Treasure and whatever their new mega ship will be named once it begins sailing from Singapore in 2025.

Disney's latest cruise ship - Disney Wish - has Cinderell-theemd plaques next to each door instead of marine animals but don't worry ... you can still hang your fish extenders from them and guests sailing on Disney Wish are just as enthusiastic as any other Disney cruise passenger. 

Today, there are dozens of different types of extenders available online, ranging from personalized monogrammed designs to pre-made sets featuring characters from popular movies like Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean. Whatever your style or budget, there is sure to be something perfect for your next Disney Cruise adventure! With all this said, let’s dive into what specifically makes up a Fish Extender - read on to find out more!

Definition Of A Fish Extender

A Fish Extender is a bag, usually with pockets or pouches, that hangs from outside your cabin door while you're on a Disney Cruise. It's used to give and receive gifts with other passengers who have similar Fish Extenders by their cabin doors. A Fish Extender allows passengers to share gifts with each other while they are out at sea and create lasting memories that will stay with them even after disembarking. The goal is for everyone to exchange small tokens such as candy, trinkets, stickers, or even handmade items like magnets or jewelry. This allows cruise ships guests to get to know one another better and enjoy exchanging fun gifts during their stay.

Fish extenders are often decorated with popular characters from Disney movies like Mickey Mouse or Finding Nemo and can be personalized with different colors and themes depending on each individual’s style. They come in various sizes making them easy to hang without needing extra tools, magnets, or adhesives.

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Overall, fish extenders offer an interactive way for people of all ages to connect with others onboard the ship and make new friends during their vacation - something that many cruisers would not otherwise experience!

Benefits Of Using A Fish Extender

Using a Fish Extender on a Disney cruise can be an enriching experience. Not only does it provide the opportunity to meet with other passengers and exchange momentos, but it also gives travelers the chance to show off their creativity by decorating their own extenders. Additionally, Fish Extenders often create a sense of community among guests who may not otherwise have connected during their voyage. This is especially true for groups that connect through online forums and facebook groups.

In addition to its social benefits, using Fish Extenders is also economical as they are relatively inexpensive compared to buying more expensive gifts for all of your new friends. Furthermore, most if not all of the materials needed to make one can usually be found around the house or purchased easily online. Though certainly, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a fish extender online too.

How To Hang The Fish Extender On Your Disney Cruise Room Door

With your eye-catching Fish Extender now put together, it’s time to hang it up and make a statement! After all, you want the fish on your Disney Cruise Room Door to be sure to stand out from the rest. To ensure this happens, let's start by looking at how we can set our Fish Extender apart in just a few easy steps.

To begin with, tie one end of the ribbon or string onto each side of your creation. Then attach these items securely to any doorknob outside of your room door – making sure they are even so that your Fish Extender hangs straight when finished. Lastly, take some time to embellish the existing decorations and add additional items if desired:

• Glitter glue: Use glitter glue pens or tubes around lettering and other shapes for an added sparkle effect. • Beaded trimming: Attach beaded trimming along the edges of your fabric panels for extra texture and dimension. • Hanging charms: Hang small charms like shells, starfish or anchors off the sides of your Fish Extender using thread or wire.

These simple touches will help ensure that no two Fish Extenders on board look exactly alike – giving yours an original touch and helping guests find their way back home during the cruise!

Decorating Ideas For A Fish Extender

Once the Fish Extender is hung on your Disney Cruise Room Door, it’s time to make it shine! Decorating your extender is a great way to make your room stand out and show off your creativity. There are plenty of ways you can customize yours; from colorful ribbons and beadwork to personalized messages or images that reflect who you are as a family.

A few ideas for sprucing up those empty pockets include: creating custom tags with hand-written notes about each guest in the party, adding small trinkets like elastic bands or rubber ducks (which also act as fun souvenirs!) or displaying photos from past vacations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you choose to embellish the fabric panels of your Fish Extender – so let your imagination run wild!

No matter what customization options you decide upon, these decorations will be sure to bring even more joy to the cruise experience – making this an unforgettable adventure for all involved. With just a few simple add-ons, you can transform your Fish Extender into something truly unique and special that everyone onboard will love.

Exchange Ideas For Inside The Fish Extender

Ever since the Fish Extender became a popular item among Disney Cruise Line fans, there has been much speculation about what should be exchanged inside these pockets. While some people like to give small trinkets and snacks, others prefer to gift something more meaningful or personal. But no matter which route you choose, it’s essential that whatever is placed in the extender brings joy to those who receive them!

To get started on creating your perfect exchange ideas for the Fish Extender, think about what would make each recipient smile. Would they appreciate receiving a souvenir from one of their favorite Disney attractions? Or maybe they would love getting an autograph book filled with signatures from famous characters onboard? Consider adding items such as custom key chains with names engraved, miniature photo frames displaying family photos or even personalized letters written by each guest – all great options when it comes to making someone feel special during the cruise.

While deciding on gifts may take time and careful consideration, remember that this adventure will create memories that last forever. With just a little bit of thoughtfulness, you can ensure everyone leaves satisfied knowing they were given something truly unique and heartfelt - making the whole experience even more memorable!

Disney Cruise Activities With A Fish Extender

Once you’ve decided on the perfect exchange items for your Fish Extender, it’s time to think of ways to make use of them during the Disney Cruise. After all, this is an opportunity for guests to get creative and have some fun with their gifts! Here are a few activities that can be done in order to enjoy the full experience:

One way to utilize these exchanges is by having each guest take turns selecting something from one another’s pockets at random. This allows everyone to open up a surprise gift while also getting a chance to give back as well. Plus, it adds an element of excitement since no one knows what they might end up receiving until they actually see the item after returning back to the cabin!

Another great activity involves organizing a scavenger hunt around the ship. Guests can divide into teams or compete individually for prizes such as candy or candy-filled toys found inside the Fish Extenders – making it both an enjoyable and rewarding adventure.

No matter how you choose to incorporate these gifts into your cruise experience, it's sure to bring even more joy and laughter among family and friends alike. So why not add a bit of extra magic by creating special memories using these unique exchanges?

Tips And Advice For Using Your Fish Extender

As with any activity, there are a few tips and pieces of advice to keep in mind while using your Fish Extender. First, it’s important to remember that the items you choose should be appropriate for all ages and genders on board, especially if there are children involved. Additionally, try to get creative with what you put inside of them – from small trinkets to snacks or candy, these thoughtful gifts will make sure everyone is getting something special out of this experience!

Also, don't forget about the presentation: when setting up the Fish Extenders around the ship, take some time to decorate them accordingly so they look even more eye-catching and festive. This can help ensure that no one will miss out on the fun by not noticing them onboard!

Most importantly, use your imagination and have fun; after all, that's why you're here! With a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness towards the exchange items chosen, guests will surely enjoy their cruise just a little bit more with their own personalized version of Disney magic.

Where To Buy Or Rent A Fish Extender

When it comes to getting your hands on the perfect Fish Extender for a Disney cruise, you have plenty of options. Whether you want to rent one or purchase it outright, there are plenty of places where you can find exactly what you need.

For starters, consider renting an extender from a company like Cruise FishExtenders.com. This option allows you to pick out the exact design and size that fits your needs while still having access to all the features they offer. Plus, rental prices are typically much more affordable than buying brand new!

Alternatively, why not make your own if you prefer something more personal and unique? With some simple materials like fabric and ribbon (plus any embellishments of your choice) you can easily create a custom Fish Extender that is truly unique – just be sure to follow proper safety regulations when creating them.

No matter which route you decide to take, with a bit of research and creativity, finding the ideal fish extender has never been easier! From rentals to DIY projects, anyone can join in the fun of this classic Disney activity - giving guests an extra dose of magic during their cruise experience.

Is A Fish Extender Necessary For A Disney Cruise?

The question of whether a fish extender is necessary for a Disney Cruise can be interesting. A fish extender is designed to hang on the door handle outside your stateroom and can be filled with little gifts such as candy, small toys, or useful items like magnets, recipe cards, patches etc. It's a great way to surprise fellow passengers who are also part of the cruise family. For many guests, activities like this become an integral part of the cruise experience and so yes ... if you want to get the most out of your Disney cruise then you should plan to chat up some new friends in a forum and start putting your fish extender together!

On the other hand, it could be argued that since Disney Cruises provide so much entertainment onboard, there isn't a need for something extra like participating in a group like that and hanging a fish extender by your door is just one more thing to plan. From special character meet-and-greets to Broadway-style shows, there's plenty to keep you busy without having to break out the decorations. We disagree though ... there's always time for a little bit of extra fun, excitement, mystery, and indeed - some fantasy, wonder, and magic wondering who left you something fun in your fish extender basket!

Can A Fish Extender Be Used On Other Cruise Ships?

Adventure awaits, especially when you’re on the open sea. Taking a cruise is one of those signature experiences that many people yearn to do in their lifetime. But what if there was something extra special waiting for you onboard? That being said though, while decorating your doors is something that happens on most family cruise ships - especially Carnival and sometimes Royal Caribbean - the idea of a Fish Extender ritual is something that is uniquely Disney.

However, as I mentioned above - there are plenty of fun things that people do on other cruise lines to meet new friends and share some of the excitement.

Fish Extenders Are A Unique Disney Cruise Experience

A Fish Extender on a Disney Cruise is an exciting way to add some extra fun and creativity to your vacation. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to exchange gifts with other passengers, but also helps create lasting memories for all involved. Although there are costs associated with purchasing or creating one, they are relatively minimal and well worth the investment when considering all of the benefits that come along with them.

It’s important to remember that while having a Fish Extender can enhance your cruise experience, it isn’t necessary in order to enjoy everything that a Disney Cruise has to offer. However, if you choose to bring a Fish Extender along, be sure to store it properly after use so that it stays safe during transport back home. Lastly, although these accessories were designed specifically for Disney cruises, many people have found success using their own creations on other ships as well!

In conclusion, owning or gifting a Fish Extender onboard a Disney Cruise is like opening up Pandora's box – once you get started it will be hard not to continue! With its ability to bring people together from all walks of life through meaningful exchanges of thoughtful gifts comes something far greater than any tangible item - friendship, understanding and joy; truly priceless experiences that make memories last “forever and ever".